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This site firstly demonstrates what my wife and I have found which has made such a profound improvement in the quality and purpose of life. (See next few pages in yellow above, starting with 'OUR STORIES')


Following these pages are the 'END TIMES & OTHER VIDEOS';  'CURRENT'; and 'TOPICAL' pages, with often a biblical analysis and viewpoint as well. How does GOD see the events in the nations at this time? Go to these next pages to find out. Also the 'CONTEMPORARY PROPHECIES' page. Meanwhile, the ethos of the website is outlined below:  

This site is classified under 'research and education'. I understand that information on the site has helped people to, for example, write articles, find answers to matters of faith and belief, stimulate people about the whole question of the End Times, and to explain something of what is happening to our world from a Christian and biblical perspective. There is a particular emphasis on the prophetic and also on Israel. I hope you find this helpful. Scroll down for pics and videos. Shalom (peace, wellbeing, health, prosperity, hope). 

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'Hatikvah' is Hebrew for, 'The Hope'. It is the Jewish National Anthem.

Below is a portrayal of the 12 tribes of Israel at rest in the desert wilderness, with the tabernacle, the tent of God, plum in the middle. That's how God wants to be in relation to your life...right at the centre, in your heart! What a difference He made to Israel, and what a difference He can make to you!

I am not a Jew but I do have an understanding of the past, present and future of this nation. Biblically, the Jews were chosen by God and named by Him as the nation of Israel (lit: 'he struggles with God'). Their purpose was to make known His Kingdom, His law and His ways to the nations of the earth. That purpose has never ceased. This nation has hope when it hopes in God. There is a video further below  to illustrate this.  

The Church is made up of people out of all nations. We have the same purpose as the make God known, and that He has a Son...Jesus, who rules and reigns, despite the atrocities which sin has caused on the earth. The true Church world-wide has a sure and certain 'hope' in Christ Jesus. Biblical hope is sure, but a future hope. In the present, we have confidence.

One day soon, both the Jews and Christians will be united with Jesus as one people. The New Testament teaches that believing Gentiles (non-Jews) are being made citizens of the commonwealth of Israel. The roots of true Christian faith are Hebrew (hebraic) roots.

The Apostle Paul, in the New testament book of Romans, chapters 9, 10 and 11 uses the concept of Gentile believers in Jesus Christ being grafted into the Jewish vine. I am told that in horticulture, this 'grafting' is akin to the welding process and not dissimilar to marriage. Both processes have a similar outcome in that they combine two objects to create something new - better and stronger than before. According to Paul, the outcome resulting from this graft was a new humanity, reconciled under God, living in harmony with God and with one another. (See N T book of Ephesians chapter 2).  This uniting together is already happening around the world, especially in Israel, a reflection on earth of what is already established in heaven. When believers go to heaven, they will witnes this in its completion.......'Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven'.

Before that day dawns, many biblical prophecies will be fulfilled concerning the last days or end days / end times before the return of Jesus Christ. 70% of biblical prophecies have already been fulfilled to the letter! The remaining ones concern the End Times. 



This is  shown below, and can also be seen on the videos page of this website...End Times video no. 3 of the series of 7 videos.



 In addition below is a video about Israel's entitlement to the West Bank:

'Israel and the Palestinian Conflict' 


Now may I invite you to explore the website pages and media.

God bless YOU.

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